Token Sale : 15% - 75,000,000 MGT

  • This portion represents the tokens sold to the public during the ICO to raise funds for the project.

Liquidity: 7% - 35,000,000 MGT

  • Providing liquidity for DEX exchanges such as pancakeswap, OKX DEX, Apeswap,...

Team and Advisors: 5% - 25,000,000 MGT

  • Reserved for the project's core team members, founders, and advisors to incentivize them to work towards the project's success.

Development and Operations: 10% - 50,000,000 MGT

  • Allocated for ongoing development, maintenance, and operational costs, including marketing, partnerships, and infrastructure.

Community and Ecosystem Growth: 10% - 50,000,000 MGT

  • Reserved for building partnerships, marketing, and initiatives that promote the growth of the MinerGate Token ecosystem.

Reserve Fund: 5% - 25,000,000 MGT

  • Set aside for future development and unexpected expenses to ensure the project's sustainability.

Protocol Rewards: 13% - 65,000,000 MGT

  • Allocated to reward developers who participate and use web3 tools.

Development and Upkeep of Protocl Infrastructure: 10% - 50,000,000 MGT

  • Reserved for building and maintaining the mining hardware, data centers, and software required for efficient cloud protocol operations.

Security and Audits: 5% - 25,000,000 MGT

  • Set aside for conducting regular security audits and implementing robust security measures to protect the mining infrastructure.

Operational Staking and Rewards for Token Holders: 10% - 50,000,000 MGT

  • Reserved for a staking program where token holders can lock their tokens to participate in the network's governance or receive rewards for supporting the project.

Community Development and Adoption: 5% - 25,000,000 MGT

  • Used for initiatives that promote community growth, partnerships, and adoption of the mining and cloud mining platform.

Treasury and Future Expansion: 5% - 25,000,000 MGT

  • Set aside for building a treasury for future expansion, potential acquisitions, or unexpected expenses to ensure long-term sustainability.

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