The MinerGate Indexer stands as a modular web3 service designed to simplify the retrieval of blockchain token and NFT data from networks compatible with Ethereum. This Indexer automatically indexes every ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155 token originating from Ethereum-compatible chains.

This versatile infrastructure module can be seamlessly integrated into your dapp, game, or server for convenient access.

Key Features:

  1. Lightning-fast API offering multi-chain support for querying token balances, transaction history, metadata, and NFTs.

  2. Real-time indexing of transactions involving ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155 tokens across chains compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

  3. Automated detection of all tokens on the chain, eliminating the need for a contract registry.

  4. Robust and resilient, capable of withstanding node failures and chain reorganizations.

  5. Simple API for accurately tracking specific events and transactions on-chain.

  6. In-built support for token and NFT metadata, simplifying the rendering of tokens in your applications and games.

  7. Ensures high uptime and availability for uninterrupted service.

Supported Networks & Endpoints


Mainnet networks:

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