Introducing MINERGATE

MinerGate: A Cybersecurity Suite Accessible to All

MinerGate offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring and identifying malicious and fraudulent activities within the blockchain ecosystem. It consists of two components:

  1. On-Chain Protocol: This part is a publicly accessible database on the blockchain, providing information about malicious addresses and activities. It can be accessed through Smart Contracts and APIs, offering transparency and openness.

  2. Off-Chain Monitoring: The off-chain component enables real-time monitoring and vetting of Token Smart Contracts for common vulnerabilities and identification of Malicious Addresses. MinerGate employs machine learning for data processing and aggregates information from both public and paid data sources to ensure the most accurate risk assessment.

MinerGate's combined on- and off-chain solution offers a robust cybersecurity suite for users and businesses, enhancing security and reducing the risk of fraudulent activity within the blockchain space.

MinerGate Application Scenarios

MinerGate serves various practical purposes, including:

  1. Reporting and Alert System: MinerGate empowers individuals to report suspicious activities to the database and notify network participants through our real-time, constantly updating RCI (Report and Check Interface). By staking MinerGate and reporting malicious actors, you can contribute to making the crypto sphere more secure.

  2. Address Verification: MinerGate offers a publicly accessible address verification feature, allowing users to scrutinize addresses for previous involvement in malicious activities. This ensures that you can interact with individuals whose addresses have a clean history.

  3. Smart Contracts for DEX and DeFi Protocols: MinerGate stands out as the sole security solution seamlessly integrated into DeFi platforms, aiding in the prevention of money laundering from within. We furnish our Smart Contracts with highly accurate data from multiple sources, leveraging the expertise of our cybersecurity division, MinerGate Labs, to fortify DeFi protocols efficiently.

  4. MinerGate Terminal: Experience real-time monitoring and address tracking, with the ability to generate transaction paths dynamically. This tool assists in identifying common vulnerabilities within token Smart Contracts.

  5. On-Chain Database: Access our publicly available and open database with ease. Anyone can connect to it through API calls or integrate it into their Smart Contracts, enhancing transparency and accessibility.

MinerGate Extends Beyond a Mere Protocol!

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